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I understand that looking for a counsellor can feel daunting and is a bit of a minefield. I think it is really important you feel at ease with whomever you decide to work with.

There are inventively times in our lives when we feel we are unable to cope with our difficulties often leaving us feeling confused, overwhelmed and anxious. At these times seeking professional help from someone other than family or friends who often want to give us advice can be more helpful. Counselling is an opportunity to share your worries and concerns in a safe secure place, where you will not be judged or given advice, but be supported in finding your way forward and make your own choices. It might be that you are able to speak about feelings and thoughts you have never shared before bringing a real sense of relief. Often unexpressed emotions lead to problems and sometimes physical symptoms which can feel very distressing.

I believe that the relationship with my clients is of upmost importance, creating a safe secure space, where feelings and thoughts can be expressed as they arise naturally without pressure. Whatever your goal is whether it is to focus on a specific issue or to work at a deeper level. You might just want to come along without anything in particular, it could be that you just feel unhappy or anxious, overwhelmed without knowing why, all of which can be talked about together in our work. As a registered UKCP counsellor/therapist I believe confidentiality is really important in the working alliance, creating trust and confidence in your therapist and I always practice safely within UKCP code of ethics.

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As the counsellor, relationship is important. I always offer an initial meet without obligation
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